Tuesday, January 29, 2013

{Weight Loss} Losing It and Loving It

DJ and I have been both losing weight and Loving it!!! Our jeans are falling off of us and our shirts are no longer tight. Lol
Im so proud of DJ he really has done a 360 since I first met him 2 years ago. DJ would eat candy and fast food everyday, he would not eat any vegtables and only ate one fruit and thats bananas. And the biggest thing that bothered me the most he would only drink soda and Hawaiian punch. No Water!!!  What no water?!?! Im a huge water lover and cant go a day without water but when I was dating my Teddy he told me he didn't even like water :(

But now DJ eats any and every kind of fruit. He had kiwi for the first time and Loved it. He now eats veggies everyday. Yes, DJ now eats vegtables. I know its Amazing!!! Lol He no longer drinks hawaiian punch  and the only soda DJ drinks is Pepsi Max. It has 0 caleries and No sugar. Oh and he now only eats fast food once a month.

DJ still can't believe we eat more now and are losing so much weight. But that's because we make better choices :-D

I will show before and after pictures and the many change we've made in our eating and lifestyle in a future post.

Love & Blessings,
Keisha Evans


  1. Oh my gosh it's so hard getting my boyfriend to eat veggies!! And it was hard getting him off sugary juices. Congrats to you two!

    1. Thank you so much Kayla! I know exactly what your going through it took months and months for me to convince DJ. I finally just stopped bring it up and he came around on his own, so don't give up he'll come around.