Thursday, January 31, 2013

{Family Outing} Sissy Birthday Dinner

Last Sunday we celebrated my sissy Shan's 24th Birthday at Farrell's Ice cream Parlour. When we walked in Farrell's it had an old timely feel but with a lot of noise. It was loud, everyone was yelling, laughing, drums beating, and rapping and singing along to Triple Chocolate Brownie Time!!! Lol :0) We laughed so hard and the kid's loved it. Even the hostess attire and Menus had a vintage feel to it and I loved everything about it. The kid's had a lot of fun and really enjoyed themselves. It was so different from other restaurants the kids didn't have to sit down and be quite. They were up laughing, dancing, and having a good time. Even the servers ad management were super friendly and always came and checked on us and played with the kids. Everything was PERECT hands down!!! This was the best restaurant I've ever been too. The food was classic dinner food but oh so yummy! They had a balloon artist that came around to each table and make amazing balloon animals. DJ didn't even know what a balloon animal was, so I asked the balloon artist to make him something related to Minnesota Vikings, his favorite team. So my Teddy got his first balloon animal?!? Well it wasn't quit an animals. Lol :-D If you know the Thomas girls were loud so being at Farrell's we felt right at home. I hope Shan enjoyed her birthday as much as we all enjoyed celebrating it with her.  We Love you Sissy!

The Birthday Girl

Here is a short video of them singing Triple Chocolate Brownie Time! 

And here is a video of them singing Happy Birthday to the birthday girl

Love & Blessings,
Keisha Evans

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