Wednesday, January 30, 2013

DJ's Many Firsts

His First Balloon! Go Vikings!!
January 2013

First time eating Fish and Shrimp Tacos! He loved them!
January 2013

First time bringing in the New Year in California
Janurary 2013

Growing up in a small town in Zwolle, Louisiana DJ did not get to experience a lot of things as I did growing up. And after we started dating I then realize why he acted like a Big kid, he didn't have a real childhood and just live life and have fun. Growing up I went on trips and vacations, I tried so many different foods, and played board games. DJ did none of that so when he started dating a City girl it opened him up to a lot of new and exciting things, as he would say it. Since we first got together in 2011 he has had so many FIRSTS and I since this blog is about my everyday life as a new wife trying to balance cleaning, cooking, work and school I wanted to dedicate a portion of the blog to my Teddy's first. I so proud of DJ he was in a box and not open to alot of things but now he's so open and willing to try anything and go anywhere. He thanks me all the time for showing him new things and I just thank him for allowing me too.

Here's a look at DJ many other firsts! A lot of things are going to shock you like what he's never done. It okay because he still shocks me everyday, just like he did last Sunday when he said he didn't know what a Balloon artist was or never even had a balloon animal. Awww you just gotta Love him :0)

  • Chicken & Waffles
  • Going to Las Vegas
  • Riding  public transportation/Bus
  • Eating Wheat Bread
  • Going to the Water Park
  • Celebrating his Birthday/having a party
  • Going to Dave & Busters
  • Having Chocolate covered bacon
  • Eating Thin Crust Pizza
  • Eating Kiwi and Papaya 
  • Going to school for Electricity and Following his dreams
  • Volunteering at the Animal shelters 
  • Eating Turkey Bacon
  • Going on a Picnic 
  • Sushi
  • Attending a Christmas Parade
  • Play Board games like Po-Kenno and Scrabble
  • Going to a Huge Fair
  • Eating a Fried Twinkie and Fried Oreo
  • Bowling
  • Going to a Pumpkin Patch
  • Wearing a Halloween Costume
  • Experincing an Earthquake
  • Going to a real Mall
  • And last but not least just to be his self! Growing up and even as an adult DJ has said it's has always been whatever his parents wanted him to do or say it was there way or the highway and he felt like he could not be himself and do whatever he wanted to do, but now he's his own Man, a Man of God and is free to feel comfortable in his own skin. And I'm so happy when he says that because he was once a shy, quite man with little self esteem and confidence and now he's talkative, funny, out going and full of confidence :-D

I can't wait to share with you many more of DJ's first and trust me there going to be a lot of them because this year we've getting on a airplane for the first time and going on a cruise for the first time :-D So excited!!!

Love & Blessings,
Keisha Evans

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