Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas 2012

Our Christmas was very special this year. A lot of things had taken place this year so me and DJ were just so happy and filled with joy on Christmas Day because we made it through and had each other. And this Christmas was really exciting because it was DJ's first Christmas in California. DJ's family cooks early and eat early, but we don't so eating pretty late was new to him, but he loved the fact that we make Christmas Breakfast.

Our Christmas celebrations started on Sunday, December 23 when we went to our Church's Christmas celebration.We sung Christmas songs and watched an amazing play. DJ said he loved it and had a great time and he said his old church did the same play every year and they never sang Christmas songs so he was so excited to see something new and different. He said, "Now I know why you love Christmas songs so much". I Love Christmas songs and sang them all the time and DJ hardly even knows Christmas songs. DJ always says he loves that I teach and show him new things and I Love that he's open to learning new things :-)

Me, DJ, and Princess at our Church's Christmas Celebration 
(Princess never looks at the camera Lol)

For our Christmas Breakfast we had a Breakfast Casserole, Sticky bun Breakfast Ring, and Homemade Hot Cocoa. Mom made the casserole and I made the Sticky buns and Hot cocoa. Me and Mom are addicted to Pinterest and that's where we found these recipes from.

DJ & I in our pajamas in front of the Christmas tree. 

We had a white Christmas tree this year. It was our first time having a white tree but the kid loved it because they got to have pink and blue ornaments.

Of course Khi khi has to have his Jake and the Neverland Ornaments!

Princess helping me make the Holiday Punch! 

We had an abundance of food! Ham, Smothered Chicken, Fried wing, Candid yams, Green Beans, Potato salad, Rolls, and Macaroni 'n Cheese. And don't forget desserts :-)

Me and Hubby all glammed up for dinner and ready to grub!

Red and Angel Baby

Mom got me a Bob Marley shirt for Christmas. I love it!

DJ loved his gifts too :-D

Spending Christmas with DJ and my family in California was the perfect way to end the Holidays. I hope each and everyone of you and your families had a great Christmas. 

Merry Christmas from The Evans!


  1. Next time, we're coming over there for Christmas dinner! Sheesh! That food looks amazing!

    I hope you guys had a wonderful holiday and a happy new year!

    1. Of course! The more the Merrier :-D Thank you so much for the Love and yes we had a wonderful holiday and new years! I wish you and your family the same <3