Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

Tonight me and Niqua took Princess out for Halloween. We don't go trick or treating but we do still dress up and try to have tons of fun. Every year we normally go to Church and they have a carnival, a talent show and pass out candy. We call it Jesus Treat! But this year we didn't go all the way to the church because not everyone was together this year :0(
My lil warrior was with his Dad, DJ had to work, Sissy Red and baby Zaya are back in Louisiana, and Mom just wanted to stay home and relax this year. So the only ones down to have some Halloween fun was me, Niqua, and Princess.
I didn't have a costume but wanted to dress up so the day before Christina came over and brought over some costumes for me to try on. I fell in love with her sailor costume and due to the fact the others ones didn't fit me! Haha :0) Since it was just us 3 we decided to take Princess down the street to a Halloween street fair called Scare-a-Fair. It was literally 2 lights down from our house so it was perfect to walk. Princess was more excited to see all the other little kid's pink pumpkin pails like her then their costumes. As we were going to each booth to collect candy and play games Princess however wasn't excited to say "Trick or Treat". She would just hold up her pink little pail and smile. I tell you when this girl is at home you can't get her to stop talking, singing, and dancing but when she's in public she immediately turns shy. Princess started getting very sleep and a little winy so we only stayed an hour. All and all we had a lot of fun. On our way home Mom called to say DJ made it home from work and that he was coming to meet us. When Princess seen him all her sleepiness went away and she was so happy and excited to see her Uncle "BJ" and to show him her new costume. This year Halloween was so different for us but we had a great time.

RJ was an Army Solider, Princess was a Hocus Pocus Witch, and Bird was a Bride

We had Bad food! Pizza and Bacon wrapped Hot Dogs
It's so Bad but taste so Good! :0)

They had a live band so I was trying to get Princess 
to dance with me but she wasn't having it!

I was so happy to be spending this Halloween night with DJ last year we were in the country woods (aka Louisiana) DJ had to work all night until 11 and I was home alone. But this year I sent it watching movies with with my babe :0) I'm one Blessed Wife!

Love & Blessings,
Keisha Evans

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

{Dinner} Pulled pork sandwiches & Sweet Potato Fries

For the last month I've been trying to try new recipes for the Holidays. So a couple of weeks ago I made my first attempt at Corn Pudding and it was an absolute FAIL! The corn pudding was so Nasty and tasted like scramble eggs with corn -_- It was disgusting. As you can tell I didn't enjoy it and neither did anyone in my family.

Corn Pudding

I recently found two new Corn Pudding recipes and I'm determined to make this Corn Pudding taste awesome and have it present on the table for the Holidays.

But on a positive note I cooked dinner and a little dessert that night and it was great. I had to make up for giving my family that corn pudding. Hahah :0)

Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Coleslaw 
Sweet Potato Fries

And for Dessert....
Yellow Cake with Vanilla Icing 

Dinner and Dessert was Amazing! Wish I could say the same for that Corn Pudding but attempt #2 is coming very soon!

Love & Blessings,
Keisha Evans

Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Khi khi the Warrior

Four years ago today on October 29 my nephew Ma'khi was born. When Ma'khi was born he was a preemie and very small. He had to have so many tubes and needles in his tiny little body. It was painful to see him going through so much, but khi khi was a fighter! He fought and fought and started to get better. He was finally able to come home from the hospital in December we where so happy he was coming home. We were happy and nervous at the same time, he was so small and fragile. Right before Christmas Khi khi stopped breathing and we had to call the ambulance and he was later air lifted to LA. So for Khi khi's first Christmas he was in the hospital fighting for his life. We prayed everyday that he would be healed and we truly believe by Jesus stripes he was healed. Ma'khi came home from the hospital and started gaining weight and he became so health and plump. Khi khi is a true Warrior! He's now a Happy, healthy, little man of God. Words can not even describe the feeling we felt when Khi khi came home.

We Love Him so much! Happy Birthday to my lil Warrior

Love & Blessings,
Keisha Evans

Sunday, October 28, 2012

{Dinner} Soups, Chowders & Biscuits Oh My!

Mmmmm.... I can just tell when I walk through the door it's Fall. The warm smell of soups and homemade biscuits. I love all the warm comfort food that Fall brings. Mom cooks everyday but I especially love the food she cooks around Fall and Winter. I can't wait until Thanksgiving :0)

Homemade Biscuits

Slow-Cooker Bacon Corn Chowder

Taco Soup

Blueberry Dumplings 

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Last Night me and princess made Chocolate Chip Cookies and they were so Yummy!

What are some of your Favorite Comfort foods?

Love & Blessings,
Keisha Evans

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Jake & The Neverland Pirates Party

Planning this party was absolutely fun and I wanted to go all out and pay close attention to every detail!

 Details are the most important part of a party!

I'm so grateful my Sissy, Shan trusted me to do the entire party. I'm so excited for my nephew's party!

Celebration Type: Boy Birthday Party
Theme: Jake & The Neverland Pirates
Color Palette: Red, Blue, Black, and Gold


{The Balloons}
Balloons in the coordinating colors of the party

{Paper Chains}
I created Gold, Black, Red, and White paper chains and places them across the entire room and above the backdrop.

The Backdrop
I wanted to intimate Jake's red band and I also wanted to use his initals "M" I used pirate swords to create the M. I took a birthday banner and cut it to fit the backdrop. I also added pictures of the characters and gold coins.

The Food
The food was amazing! All the kids and even the adults loved all the "theme-appropriate" names.

{Pirate's Menu}
Pirate Dogs
Grilled Parrot
Buccaneer Stew
Golden Treasure
Shark fins and The Red Sea
Pirate's Gold Tooth
Pirate's Jewels
Fish 'n Chips
Skully's Crackers
Carrot Swords
Gold Nuggets

"Pirate Dogs" Hot Dogs

"Grilled Parrot" Mesquite & Buffalo Chicken 

"Cannonballs" Meatballs

{I used sword picks for decor and so it would be easy 
for everyone to pick up a meatball.}

"Buccaneer Stew" Jambalaya

"Golden Treasure' Homemade Macaroni 'n Cheese
{Khi khi's favorite food}

"Shark fins & The Red Sea" Blue Tortilla Chips and Salsa

{I wanted it to look like a shark was in the ocean}

"Pirate's Gold Tooth"  Corn on the cob

"Crossbones" Breadsticks

{I used Phillsbury Original Breadsticks to create the breadsticks}

"Pirate Jewels" Fruit Kabobs

"Fish 'n Chips" Potato Chips and Goldfish crackers

"Carrot Swords" Carrot sticks
"Gold Nuggets" Cheese cubes 
"Skully's Crackers" Ritz crackers

The Drinks
Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Yum!
"Crocodile's Blood" Raspberry Sherbet Punch
"Sweet Sea Water" Sweet Tea

"Sea Water" Water bottles
"Pirate's Rum" Rootbeer

Skull and Crossbone Ice
{I think the adults got more excited about the 
ice cubes then the kids, it was so cute.}

crocodile's blood punch

Sweet sea water 

Buried Treats Candy Buffet

{To create "Sand" I used brown sugar all over the table.}

"Pirate's Graveyard Dirt" Dirt Cups

{I used Chocolate pudding and crushed up some double sided Oreo's}

"Izzy's Pixie Dust" Pixie sticks
"Skeleton Bones" White Chocolate covered pretzels

"Mermaid Kisses" Hershey Kisses
"Rubies and Emeralds" Ring Pops

"Gold Doubloons" Chocolate gold coins
"Pirate's Rope" Red Vines

"Treasure Maps" Fruit Roll ups
"Walk ye Planks" Kit Kats

"Catch of the Day" Swedish Fish candy
"Cannonballs" Whoppers

"Treasure chest" Hershey Nuggets

"Chip Ahoy ye Matey" Chip Ahoy Cookies

"Pirate Ships" Jell-O cups with Oranges

{To save time I made the jell-o and 
cut the oranges the night before.}

The cupcakes were my favorite part. I can not frost a cupcake to save my life! They always come out messy and lopsided but I was determined to make these cupcakes so perfect (or almost perfect lol) for Khi khi's birthday.

"Captin Hook Chocolate Cupcakes"

Chocolate cupcakes with Strawberry Shortcake Icing

"Cubby's Aw, Coconuts Cupcakes"

{Cubby's trademark saying on the show is "Aw, Coconuts"}

Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream cheese Icing and topped with Coconut

{I used Sandra Lee's frosting technique to frost the cupcakes. 
I took the frosting and placed it in a zip-lock 
bag and snipped the corner with scissors then frosted!}

Bobbing for Cannonballs (bobbing for Apples)
My hubby painted mini syrofoam balls for me and then place in a bucket of water.

Peg Leg Race (3-Legged Race)
Red Bandanas were used to tie legs together.

Tick Tock Dont Get Eaten by the Croc (Hot Potato)
Played music and pass the plush crocodile around until the music stopped.

Pin the Treasure Chest on the Map {Not picture}

I was bummed I didn't get to see any of the games, 
they were all done outside and I had a lot of work to do :(

{Look how dirty the croc got
outside the kids must have had fun}

Party Favors
Get ye Loot Here!

I wanted the favors to be jammed packed! 

{The favors contents}
Pirate Booty Chips
Pirate Juice Bottle
Pirate Hat
Jake & The Neverland Pirate Sticks
Jake & The Neverland Pirate Fruit Snacks
Chocolate Gold coins
Pirate Tattoos

Thank you for viewing my PaRRRty!!!

Party Styling & Design: by me
Hobby Lobby: Pirate Hats, Black Paper Bowls, Swords, Pirate Tattoos, Fish Net
Michael's: Halloween Creepy Cloth
Walmart: All Jack and The Neverland Pirate Party Decor and Red containers

Love & Blessings,
Keisha Evans