Sunday, November 18, 2012

{Party Planning} Auntie's Birthday

This has been one busy week for me! I'm so happy tomorrow is my rest day and all I will be doing is going to Church  No cooking! No cleaning! and No crafts! For the past month all I've been seeing is Damask this and Damask that! I'm so happy this party is taking place in excatly one week. I'm excited to see how all the decorations and party set up are going to look all finished and I'm really happy to see Auntie's reaction =D

Once again just like my previous parties this one is full of D.I.Y. projects. I feel it gives each party a little special touch when you hand make everything. So here are some of the DIY items that I've been working on this past week.

     Food Labels placed on "Love" Place cardholder & Water bottles with Water bottle labels I made

Here are the food Labels laid flat down

Here's a close up of the water bottles

More water bottle pics, food labels, and the Mason jar Favors (cupcakes will be in them soon)

Rough Draft of the Menu (I still don't know if I'm using this yet)

D.I.Y Happy Birthday Banner
I started on the banner last night and haven't just quite finished it, but it will be done and hung up Friday night.

I apologize for some of the pictures because they are dark and grainy I took them with my cell phone (which has no flash) but as always I will post party pictures soon and all the details after the party!

Enjoy your Sunday...
 I know I will =D

Love & Blessings,
Keisha Evans

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