Friday, November 2, 2012

October 2012 Movie Night

October is my favorite month because I am a horror movie junkie. Me and Niqua watch Scary movies all month long. Aww Sisterly bonding.. hahaha :0) The only thing now is we have to snick and watch them because Ny and Khi are too young to watch scary movies. But another good thing about movie night in October we not only just watch scary movies but we watch movies from our Childhood as well. I'm 26 years old now and I still watch Hocus Pocus and Germlins like a little kid. It reminds me of wearing big t-shirts to bed, eating our Halloween candy and popcorn and watching movies with my sisters. It bring back so many memories. And what I love most now is that I can share that with Ny and Khi all the movies that me and my sisters watched as kids Ny and Khi are now watching. I think that is so adorable.

Princess and Warrior will give me a hard time to watch Scooby-Doo the cartoon but they LOVED the movie. They love both 1 and 2 and we've been watching it on repeat everyday.

This was one of my favorite childhood movies but Princess is so scared of the Little person in the movie and gets so scared when she sees him and no longer wants to watch it.

Princess always say Uncle "BJ" sing the Addams Family song. She loves when we sing it with her and snap our fingers. {I think next Halloween me and DJ should be Morticia and Gomez Addams}

Princess is hooked on this movie! This is her new favorite movie. Every morning when she gets ready for school she ask can she watch it so I put it on for her. Then when she comes home from school she asked "Can I watch Hocus Pocus?" I think it is so cute how this was me and all my sisters favorite movie and now it's Ny's favorite.

Now onto the Scarrrryyy stuff...

When the kids are asleep I keep my TV on AMC Fear Fest. Every year they show all the old classic horror movies and new ones. I Love it!

This was all new to DJ last year when I was watching all my annually Halloween movies that I watch every year DJ would be at work, so this year he was able to watch it with us all. DJ has never really watched Halloween movies as a child all October long like we did growing up, so I was really glad I got to share this family custom with him.

What are your favorite Halloween movies?

Love & Blessings,
Keisha Evans

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