Thursday, November 1, 2012

Harvest Festival

Welcome November! I'm welcoming November with open arms! Today is officially the first day of November. I'm so excited for this month to start because so many great occasions and things are going to be taking place. First, My sissy Red 25th Birthday and Auntie's 41st Birthday, Warrior & Princesses 2nd party, and most importantly Thanksgiving.

But I'm also sadden due to Hurricane Sandy and all the families that have lost love ones. I hope all is good and everyone is safe. My heart and prayers go out to all the families on the East Coast. It's so tragic what has been taking place and I truly hope that everyone has the strength and courage to work together to support and rebuild all that was affected.

 When I look and see that families are losing loved ones I look at my life and think to myself I'm so grateful to always be surround by them everyday. When I lived in Louisiana I was always missing my mom, sisters, and niece and nephew so I am very thankful for days like this and the times we spend together.
 On Tuesday, October 30 Princess's school had a Harvest Festival. This was her first Harvest Festival and ours as well, so we were all excited to see what was in store. The festival consist of Costco's Pizza, Cupcakes, and Corn on the Cob, painting Pumpkins, making mask, Scarecrow puppets, and noodle necklaces. It was a whole bunch of fun and full of yummy food and craft projects for the kids to enjoy. We had a great time and can't wait until we do it again next year!

Mmmm... she couldn't wait to bite that corn :0)

Princess LOVES corn...

...And these two do too! Haha ;0)

Khi khi missed out on the Harvest Festival 
so I made him a Scarecrow puppet

DJ missed the Harvest Festival too because he 
had to work, but I wanted to save him 
a sweet treat to surprise him when he got home

I'm excited for November and thankful it's here and that I can share it with the people I love and care about the most.

Love & Blessings,
Keisha Evans

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