Friday, October 26, 2012

Khi Khi's 4th Birthday Party- Jake & The Neverland Pirates

Last week we celebrated my lil Warriors birthday and boy was it a birthday. We just planned on having something small at the house and it went from just having a couple family members over to over 40 people showing up to celebrate Khi Khi's 4th birthday. When I started planning Khi khi's party I already knew the perfect theme... his favorite show Jake & The Neverland Pirates. He watches Jake & The Neverland Pirates everyday like crazy, he has to wear his Jake PJ's, and he defiantly makes sure he cuddles with his plush Jake every night. For Halloween of course Khi khi wanted his costume to be Jake so we decided to have him a costume party so he could be able to wear his costume. I wanted to make sure the party was special and intimate and all about Khi khi. His first birthday was at Chuck E Cheese and such a last minute thing and he spent his 2nd and 3rd birthday with his dad, so for me this party had to be very special and sentimental, so I added pictures of Khi khi and his favorite colors everywhere. The color scheme was Red, Blue, Black, and Gold. Khi khi loves blue and red and black and gold are the normal pirate colors. The main focal point was the Candy Buffet. Khi khi has a HUGE, no not huge, a Gigantic sweet tooth and loves candy so I wanted a really large candy table with all his favorites. The look on Khi khi's face just melted my heart he was smiling ear to ear the whole party and he kept saying all day long how he loved his party. That just made my day :0)

The Food Table

The Drink Station

Auntie Tonia

Birthday boy and his Mommy

Shipwrecked cutie, Hillbilly Daisy Dukes, and The Grandma

Daisy Dukes and Princess Pirate

24 years old and this was his first time wearing a costume. DJ was so excited!

Niqua, Me, Mom, Auntie Dee dee, and Shan

Paging Dr. Dee dee, paging Dr. Dee dee! 
Auntie Dee dee's Blinged scrubs were so cute!

Auntie Tonia, Mom, and Auntie Dee dee

Me the Hippie Chick and my Werewolf <3

My Hippie Jacket I made

Niqua's hillbilly teeth were priceless!

Khi khi, Shan, and Aniyah

JJ got into the cupcakes before everyone else :0)

While the kids went outside to play the games all the adults were watching the Football.

The Candy Buffet

The Favors Bags

All the adults went home with some Pirate Booty too!

The Birthday Cake

Vanilla Cake filled with strawberries and Whipped cream frosting

blowing out his candles

the birthday boy opening all his presents.

The day was loud, hectic, and crazy but everyone had an Amazing time!

Happy 4th Birthday Khi khi
We Love you so much!

Love & Blessings,
Keisha Evans

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