Tuesday, October 9, 2012

DJ's New Job

DJ recently got a new job. He was so excited for his official first day to start on October 8. I'm so very proud of him. DJ comes from a very small town in Zwolle, Louisiana and there are not very many opportunities or good jobs in the area he lived in. He knew to get a better job and to follow his dreams we would have to move. I thought it was going to be a hard decision for him because he was leaving everything he only knew, but DJ looked at me and said he was ready for a fresh new start and he wanted to start his life all over. My Husband was unhappy working at a wood mill for 4 years and gaining weight. He said he wanted to finally be able to attend college, learn to swim, find work other than a wood mill, and lose weight. I cried just to hear him say that because DJ is a great man and he truly deserved so much more. So I wanted to do everything in my powers to make his dreams come true. When we first moved to California in March of 2012 I told my husband to make a bucket list of everything he ever wanted to do in life and my promise to him is that I will help him conquer and achieve everything on our list.

{DJ in his CCC shirt}

DJ now is an official employee for California Conservation Corps. DJ is a hard worker and I'm so proud of him. He has to wake up every morning at 4 am, be to work by 6 am and work all day for 10 hours. I'm going to miss him like crazy, but I know he's doing it for me and him. So when he got home Monday from his first day of work. I had Dinner ready and a Yummy Chubby Hubby cake.

{Bacon-wrapped Chicken, Salad, and Rolls}

Chubby Hubby Cake

He was so surprised when he came home and saw this! I looked on the internet and searched high and low for a recipe for a Chubby Hubby Cake and came across 100's and 100's of different ways to make this recipe, so I just came up with my own :0)

So, now we can cross off one more thing on his bucket list:

#1 Move to California and find a job that can be hard work at times, open many doors, provide me and my wife with a good life and great benefits.

Oh and another reason I'm so proud of DJ is because he lost 12 pounds! Whoo Whoo! Way to go babe! DJ goal is to lose over 100 pounds and He's worked so hard at losing weight. He's changed his eating habits and  even works out now. I'm so Proud of Him!!

Love & Blessings,
Keisha Thomas-Evans

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