Sunday, September 23, 2012

{Recipes} Beer BBQ Chicken

Sandra Lee's Beer BBQ Chicken is a family favorite in my home. My mom found the recipe a year ago and everyone is always requesting it. So the other day, Teddy aka DJ said he wanted some Beer BBQ Chicken.

1 Problem = No Beer or Barbecue sauce

We don't keep beer in our house at all, but we always keep a bottle of Sweet Baby Ray's bbq sauce. To my surprise we had no bbq sauce :0( My Auntie Tonia who is our next door neighbor said she had some bbq sauce and I'm going to be honest I don't like using anything other than Sweet Baby Ray's bbq sauce and on top of that the bbq sauce was red! I wasn't feeling it at all, but the things you'll do for love because my baby Teddy really wanted some. Next step was getting a beer. I've never actually went to the store and brought beer before and it felt so weird being 26 years old and getting carded. Lol I've never got carded before for buying anything to drink, so it felt different.

Okay enough chit chat I'm pretty sure ya'll want to know the recipe.


House Seasoning (use whatever seasoning you normally use)
1 teaspoon canola Oil
1 cup of Beer
Package of chicken Thighs or Breast
1 Bottle of BBQ Sauce

1. The first thing I did was wash the chicken thighs and seasoned them.

2. Next, I use 1 tsp of Oil and place in the pan. I let the oil get alittle hot then I place the chicken in the skillet.

3. Then I rotated the chicken over and over until it's brown on both sides.

4. After I brown the chicken on both sides I then place the chicken in a crock pot.

5. Now add the whole bottle of bbq sauce to the crock pot.

6. All of the chicken should be coated like this.

7. Next, Add 1 cup of Beer

8. Pour Beer in the crock pot over the bbq sauce. 

After you pour the beer your all done. You don't have to mix anything or even watch it. Let it cook for 4 hours on High hear and it's done.

Here's how it looks all finished!

Beer BBQ Chicken
Parmesan Cheese Mashed Potatoes
Mixed Vegetables  
notice my small helping of mashed potatoes I'm trying to avoid starches. Bread, Rolls, Mashed Potatoes, and Pasta are my weakness so I'm definitely trying to stay away from them if I to want lose any weight. 

To honest the bbq sauce was not all that great either, it had a sour taste to it. I'm for sure going to stick with my Sweet Baby Ray's bbq sauce the next time.

Love & Blessings,

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