Saturday, September 1, 2012

{Family Outing} The Cove Water Park

Last Saturday we decided to go to The Cove water park. We always go to Pharaoh's lost Kingdom water park, but Niqua found a new water park and we wanted to all try it out. The temperature has been getting hotter and hotter! 99, 101, and the other day it was 104 degrees! So it was about time to get wet!

Shan and Khi were ready!

Mom, Red, and Shan waiting in line

Shan, Warrior, Red, Me, and DJ
This was DJ's first time at a water park and he was so excited!

Red and her Bun lounging 

Hi Mom!

Princess going down the water slide

Shan and Warrior all wet!

Red sitting with her bun in the oven

Hearing them scream and shot out of the water slide was priceless!

My sister, Niqua is always making the funniest faces

Aww Kisses!

After this picture my camera died, but I must say we were definitely all feeling the love. I was bombed my camera died, but we will definitely will visit The Cove again!

Love & Blessings,

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