Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tangled Up in Fun: Princess 4th Birthday

As you all know my princess turned 4 last week and I was so happy it was her birthday, but it was also sad because she's growing up . I want her to stay a baby forever! My little baby forever!

The older she gets the smaller her parties get. But we want it that way because when its just family something about it is more special and meaningful.

Princess is so obsessed with Rapunzel. Me and her, ask my husband would say, "watch Tangled entirely too much!" hehe ;0) I'll watch any movie with my princess. So the theme of her fourth birthday had to be Tangled.

She kept insisting that she had to help me set the table.

She loves balloons, so of course we had to have her Tangled balloons.

Birthday girl's Birthday cake

Princess was so happy all her classmates made her a birthday sign.

She Finally got it! She finally got her bike! Princess has been wanting a bike for some time now and every time we go to the store that's all she talks about is Baby dolls and Bikes.

We had to make a pizza run! Of course Costco pizza. My little princess loves pizza as much as I do!
Here's princess mommy, Niqua enjoying a yummy Costco Churro.

We had so much fun eating pizza and singing happy birthday to princess. Than of course she was ready to ride her bike :0)

Love & Blessings,

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