Monday, August 27, 2012

Happy Birthday DJ

August 22 my amazing hubby turned 24 years old!

DJ's birthday landed on a Wednesday this year, so we didn't do too much just ran some errands we had to take care of and then we went out to dinner. So, we celebrated his birthday on Friday. He thought I was just ordering him a simple chocolate cake, but I surprised him and had them put a Incredible Hulk picture on it. Me and my Husband love super hero's and the Incredible Hulk is one of DJ's favorite super hero. So when I opened the cake box he was really surprise and grinning ear to ear. I love his kool-aid smile!

"Happy Birthday to DJ, Happy Birthday to you!"

The cake was so Sumptuous! I not a huge fan of chocolate cake and so thought I was going to pass on having a piece, but I'm really glad I had a slice because it was beyond sumptuous.

Chocolate cake with Chocolate fudge filling and Whipped cream frosting

We wanted to see how fast the Hulk would go! And boy did he go fast! Everyone loved the cake so much that they kept coming back for seconds and thirds.




After we all sang Happy Birthday and ate cake, we went to Dave & Busters to have some fun. Since I meant my husband that's all he talked about was Dave & Busters so for his birthday I wanted to not only just take him to Dave & Buster but I took him to Gameworks too. DJ was so excited!!!

But before all of our fun and games begun we had the most delicious nachos ever! They were called Mountain 'O Nachos and when I say they were huge, they were HUGE. It was enough Nachos on that plate for 4 people.

Growing up my Husband's family really didn't celebrate his birthday and he's never had a real birthday party. So he always just shrugs it off as just any other day, but to me it's one of the most important day of the year!

When we were at Dave & Busters eating dinner, he finally admitted to me: "Even though I say I don't want you making a big deal about my birthday I'm kinda glad you do because it makes me feel pretty special."  When my DJ said that to me it made me tear up because he is my everything and I'm so happy to make him feel special. 

Love & Blessings,

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