Wednesday, August 8, 2012

{Family Outing} Apples and Hopscotch

Family outings are always the BEST! We always try to do something different every time and make it a new experience. One day my mom was looking at the newspaper and say they were advertising some local businesses and one caught her eye. APPLES! She saw a business called, Sinfully Sweets Apples that creates  gourment caramel apples with over 100 different flavors. My mom is always the one to get all the family outings together, so we made plans for that Saturday to visit Sinfully Sweet Apples.

I was really excited for this family outing because me and my Husband, Dj had just made our big move from Louisisana to California and I was really excited to show him what a park looked like. :0)

Here is my Blue Hawaiian Candy Apple

Everything looked so Delicious and Beautiful! The candy apples looked so beautiful we didn't want to eat them because we would mess them up. :0)

We were all having a Great time!

This was the first time me and My Husband, Dj had Chocolate Covered Bacon. It was Sumptuous!

Niece-poo had a Easter Candy Apple

 Auntie had a Chocolate Covered Twinkie

Me and my Baby at the Park

I LOVE sharing with my babies! There my everything!

My Sisters, Shan and Niqua

I was laughing so hard! We had way too much FUN!

We got so excited when we saw the park had Hopscotch squares! None of us had played in years and we were all ready to take turns. Everyone played but Grandma couldn't do to her health. 

Auntie and Niqua played the longest!

Me, Auntie, and Niqua

All the Ladies expect for my sissy, Shan (she was taking the picture)

We had tons of food: Pizza, Chicken, Salad, and much more! Everything was Yummy!

The hubby had a Cookie and Cream Candy Apple

I was sad because I knew I was about to destroy this Gorgeous Apple.

Here Goes!

I also saved my Chocolate Covered Bacon for the park

Aww look at Grandma! She was having a really good time.

My nephew, Khi Khi

My Cousin, Bird

My niece-poo, Ny

Me, Dj, and Niqua right before we left!

This was the Funniest day I've had in a long time. It made me feel so Thankful to be back in California.

Love & Blessings,

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