Friday, August 31, 2012

A Wonderful Wednesday

Wednesdays have always been my favorite days of the week! I can remember even as a small child Wednesdays were my favortie days. Wednesdays were minimum day in Elementary school so we got out of school at 1:15pm Oh how I loved it and they would sell Big Stick Popsciles for 50 cents. Those were the days! 

OMG! And don't get me started with Dawson's Creek. Dawson's Creek was my favorite show and I never missed an episode .

But for over 10 years I have been watching the tv show Big Brothers. This is their 14 season and every year that it starts I get so excited and it feels like the first Big Brother I ever saw. My Grandma Winda got me hooked on the show Big Brother. So, Wednesday are my favorite tv nights because I get to watch Big Brother and Criminal Minds. (Criminal Minds is my sister Niqua favorite show she never misses a episode)

This Wednesday, August 29, 2012 defintely explains why I love Wednesday. My little Warrior and Princess have been so excited to ride their bikes and they been asking me and DJ over and over again to take them out. So we did :0) 

It's was such a cloudy day, so we thought it was going to rain, but sure enough as soon as we got to the Church parking lot all the clouds cleared up and the sun was so bright. It was Gorgeous!

The weather was so nice. It was so cloudy and hot, then the sun came out and the wind started to blow.

RJ, Bird, Ny, and Khi 

Princess Ny loves to pose for the camera

Khi Khi wanted to show me his muscles!

Me and Dj were so sweaty from running around with the kids!

You can do it Warrior!

Bird and Rj took time out from playing ball with Uncle DJ to take pictures.

Me and My babies!

They were so excited to ride their bikes. We couldn't go far because they kids don't have helmets yet, so we stay in the church parking lot.

Dj teases me when I'm watching Big Brother. He says it sounds like I'm at a Football games. He says I scream, shout, root, and clinch my pillow. Here's me with my zebra pillow! Poor pillow I toss him around when I'm watching Big Brother. I get so excited! : D

After riding bikes and playing with the Kids we ended the night by CHEATING on our diets! :o)
My mom made Fritos Pies with Homemade chilli and they were sooo good! Me and DJ love Frito pies but we've been avoiding eating anything heavy, so chilli is definelty on the No No list. But tonight we cheated and ate chilli. 

Mhhh Yummy Frito Pie!

Princess feels like she "needs" to get her nails did everyday and so that means I "need" to get my nails did every week.

She kept getting mad at me because she said I was moving too much! Haha I just can't be still with Big Brother on.

My sister, Niqua ran in our room with her hands behind her back and shouted; "Who's your favorite Sister?" 

Then we yelled; "YOU ARE OF COURSE!!" And behind her back she had one of our favorite candy, Hershey's Cookies 'n'Creme!

Oh Man! Did me and Dj cheat on our diet that night, but it was okay because it was the perfect way to end a Wonderful Day!

Watching Big Brother and snacking on some Hershey's Cookies'n'creme was the end to a Wonderful Wednesday!

Love & Blessings,

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