Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Party Flashback 2009: Curious George Goodie Bags

I'm back with another Goodie Bag post. In the same year, 2009 I also made the goodie bags for my nephew's 1st birthday and just like with my niece's goodie bags I really wish I could do his over too. We had him a Curious George Party and it was so much fun. 

Here are the goodie bags I made in 2009:
 In each goodie bags I used:
Glow sticks

I tied off the bags with  blue, yellow, and red ribbon.

Here's a picture of me making my Khi the warrior bags for his 1st birthday!

Here's my NEW version of the new goodie bags I would do:

A Yellow Pail


Curious George Fruit Snacks

Curious George Stickers

Red, Yellow, and Chocolate M&Ms

Love & Blessings,

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